Whether you're considering or have a pool, hot tub or sauna, Pools Plus has you covered

We welcome you to visit our retail and display centre in Berkshire which includes all year round operational in-ground and above ground swimming pools and a feature pond complete with waterfalls set in extensively landscaped grounds plus many more attractions to inspire you. We are open 7 days all year round and stock an extensive range of products for your swimming pool and hot tub.
In store you will find:
  • Water treatment chemicals and testing equipment
  • Cleaning equipment such as nets, brushes and vacuuming accessories
  • Plumbing and adhesives
  • Filter sand and replacement cartridges
  • Water softener salt
  • Spares for filters, pumps, skimmers, main drains and cleaners
  • Pool toys and swim aids
  • Above ground pools and accessories
  • Pools Plus are also suppliers of:
  • Pool covers – manual/automatic
  • Hot tub covers – rigid/floating
  • Heating systems
  • Ventilation units
  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Automatic pool cleaners
  • Repair products
  • Step units
  • Pool surround stone
  • Tiles – swimming pool and house
  • DIY pool kits
  • Safety equipment – covers, alarms, enclosures, life buoys
  • Lighting
For the existing and new pool owner Pools Plus has many innovative and money saving products aimed at you benefitting more from your pool including time and money saving technologies and products that will transform your pool and bring it up to date. Your pool is an important part of your lifestyle and we are sure that you value
the contribution it makes to the health and leisure time of you, your family and friends, we would be delighted to share with you ideas and inspiration to make the most out of your investment. Listed here some key products supplied and installed by Pools Plus that have changed the way people swim in the UK:

Pool enclosures
If you are considering enclosing your pool to extend your swimming season and enjoy the health and well-being benefits of swimming throughout the year then we have you covered with the Aquacomet range of swimming pool enclosures. Supplied through Certikin International the premier name in wet leisure with a worldwide presence for over 50 years they are considered the gold plated supplier of wet leisure equipment.

Fiona Denley (Certikin Internationals Enclosure technical sales advisor) offers a taster of the possibilities with an Aquacomet enclosure:
“Aquacomet swimming pool enclosures are available in a choice of styles and heights and are an elegant solution for covering a swimming pool. We offer low level enclosures that reduce the impact that a building can have on your garden as well as full sized enclosures designed to include an indoor seating area. The enclosures are extremely versatile and each one is custom designed to suit your needs. Our range includes the Endless Summer enclosure which is fixed to the pool surround with the upper part of the sides opening independently to offer a child safe option. Or you can choose a telescopic enclosure where the building slides off and back onto the pool on a series of tracks set into the pool surround. Certikin and Aquacomet work in partnership to provide you with a quality pool enclosure designed and built to your specification coupled with a stress free service and installation from start to finish.” 

Pools plus would be delighted to organise a free no obligation site survey and explore with you the possibilities of you enclosing your pool, call us today on 01189404221 we look forward to speaking with you.

Calorex air source heat pumps
Pools Plus are proud suppliers and installers of the Calorex range of air source heat pumps, without a doubt the most highly regarded and reliable brand on the market with quality at its heart. Calorex are pioneers in the development of heat pumps producing units specifically designed for use in swimming pools.

Graham Kneale (FISPE, BEng(Hons) DipHe) of Certikin Internationals heating and ventilation department says “Heating the pool water is the largest cost any pool owner will face. Traditional boilers are not only expensive to operate but also come with a large carbon footprint. Calorex heat pumps take less than a quarter of the energy used by a fossil fuel boiler which is good for the planet and even better for your pocket. Calorex take energy that is freely available in the air, even on a winter’s day, and reliably put it into the pool. With models that can operate down to - 15 degrees C, Calorex heat pumps operate with coefficients of performance of up to 5.5. This means that for two unit of electricity consumed, up to 11 are delivered into the pool, making heating with a Calorex cheaper than either oil or gas! Designed in the UK specifically for the British climate, Calorex heat pumps take our cold wet air, extract the energy from it without freezing, putting it into your pool. With an on-site 3 year parts and labor warranty and a 10 year anti corrosion warranty a Calorex gives years of reliable cost efficient heating that won't cost the Earth.” 

Easily retro fitted to an existing system why not call us to discuss how a heat pump will benefit you on 01189404221.

Pool Safety Covers
From the suppliers of the world’s leading safety cover systems Pools Plus can offer you a variety of safety cover options to not only give you peace of mind and security in protecting your loved ones but also reduce your running costs. From manual safety cover systems to key switch operated hydraulic systems and fully mobile timber deck covers Pools Plus has you covered! All our pool safety covers can be retro fitted and there is a cover to suit any size/shape pool and budget.

Automatic Pool Cleaners
Cleaning your pool needn’t be a dreaded chore, with an automatic pool cleaner you can sit back and relax or get that buffet ready for the pool party while the pool is efficiently cleaned. Suction cleaners connect to your pool system as your manual kit would and to avoid clogging up the pump basket you can use a handy leaf trap in line. Electric pool cleaning systems run independently of your pool system with their own integral bags/filters just like a house hold hoover. There is a broad spectrum of automatic cleaner to choose from depending on your requirements from floor cleaners, floor & wall cleaners, floor, wall & waterline cleaners, programmable cleaners, remote control options and cleaners to take on any shape and size pool. With brands such as Baracuda, Dolphin and Piranha in our cache we will have the right cleaner for the right price available for you.

Cranbourne Stone
Available in a range of safe and textured surfaces to choose from to replace your existing coping stones and/or paved surround to dramatically update your pools whole appearance, visit www.cranbournestone.co.uk to the range.

TALK TO US, whether you have owned your pool for just a few years or it has been part of your life as long as you can remember, the products we have available will help you enjoy it even more. Your pool represents a big investment and we want to help you get the most out of it. Contact us today on 01189 404 221 or by email to poolsplusllp@aol.com
To view products available from Pools Plus, download product brochures, manuals and more click here and you will be directed to one of Pools Plus' trusted and highly regarded industry providers. 


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Aquacomet Enclosures

Graham Kneale (FISPE, BEng(Hons) DipHe) of Certikin Internationals heating and ventilation

Aquamatic Cover

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Cranbourne Stone

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