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Pool Renovation: 5 Ideas to Up the Wow Factor

Is your pool in Reading looking a little tired or dated? Whether you’re looking to sell your home and want to up the value or you’re simply getting your garden summer-ready, there are some easy pool renovation tips that will make your pool look fantastic.

1. Smart, cost-effective additions

If you’re on a tight budget, make smart, cost-effective additions for a big impact. For example, LED lights will turn your pool into a stunning nighttime attraction and are very easy to install.

A water feature like rockery or a waterfall is also a relatively easy addition that doesn’t require major construction work.

2. Update your pool fencing

Older pools tend to have dated fences that massively detract from the overall look of the pool. There are many modern fencing options that will give your pool an instant facelift without the need for major construction work.

Borderless glass is a popular choice that keeps your pool safe without hindering the view. It’s elegant and makes the pool look expensive, no matter how old it may be.

If you like a more screened-off look, modern wooden slats look great and give a more rustic feel to the pool area.

3. Update your pool liner

Outdated pool liners not only make a pool look old, but they can also cause issues with leaks and damage.

Updating your pool lining will modernise your pool and add value. There is a huge range of styles, colours, and patterns to choose from to suit any garden, and it’s a relatively cost-effective update.

4. Improve the pool surround

Perhaps it’s not the pool that needs updating but the surrounding area that could use a facelift. Some landscaping can transform your pool surround and turn it into an oasis.

Adding turf gives a retro feel as well as giving more space for the family to relax while taking a tip. Whereas a decking area can be functional and look fantastic.

If your patio has seen better days, installing a new one will make a huge difference and help the entire pool area look like new.

Completely renovate your pool

If you have an old pool and you want something new and modern, we are here to help. Our team regularly carry out pool renovations in Reading and can give you ideas about the best updates.

Whether you’re looking for better safety features, a more modern style, or something completely new and unique, we can design and carry out any changes to your specifications and budget.

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